Friday, June 1, 2012

It happened in my life toooooo...yesterday :)))))

Hitesh has been away to US will be arriving tomorrow and Veer's been taken care of by me for more than a month. We had beautiful moments together with each other this summer. Veer being a single child, has been so happy playing his board games with me, cousins coming over for stay-over, spending evenings with building friends, swimming with cousin Karan, Celebrating London with Vedaant. 

Yes, I have noticed his need for a companion has been key factor for happiness this summer. He announced thrice at different times in this month ...."I want somebody to play with!" rings a bell.....ooops! Anticipating this need will arise and grow and will be difficult to support, I had invested in a T-Pad too, and it did come to my rescue I would hand  it to him, well distracted to make the next demand... So the summer month of "May" was well taken care off.

Now the only thing on my mind is good preparation for Veer's third grade homeschooling, so have spent last 2 days cleaning and setting up the 3000 book library for the new school year  and shortlisting books for Veer's homeschooling curriculum

Its the evening of 1st June 2012, I come home from work super-exhausted and physically drained, I serve my dinner and start eating, Veer joins in and exclaims "I want you to change this house, lets shift to some other place"....taken aback..."kya hua???" shocked I had a huge lump in my throat!...He continued.."I am giving you two choices.._~~~~assertingly~~~..either we change home to a new place where i have good friends or~sheepishly ~~ U give me a baby~~~ ":0(( " and the argument continued for some time more, all my friends have a sibling, though i pointed out quite a few friends and cousins who are the only child of their house....but i din't have the energy today to go on with this my pulled out my ace card that never fails to distract him, ....go get the board game you want to play out ;-))

I treasure this moment for ever and ever, how Veer changed his "tone" and for voicing out his urge for a companion...WOW!!! He has moved ahead in life, I see this as an accomplishment of a milestone and a new path that "We" have to pave....Hitesh is coming home today, we have never been away from each other longer than this time in  12 yrs of marriage....dedicating this blogpost to  his homecoming and the love that brought Veer in our lives and along with it these beautiful moments. And will keep you posted with whatever nxt :)))

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