Thursday, May 31, 2012

Parent's Beaware!

These days I have been repeatedly been introduced to products that are trying capitalize on your insecurities w.r.t to your child’s scores… that I came across recently is a software that churns out MI report of your child by scanning the child’s fingerprints, these vendors are coming to your child’s school on PTA meetings or OH dates.

I’ m not commenting on the authenticity of the TECHNOLOGY. I wish to remind every parent that there is no better report than a parent’s reading of a child.

Give your child your time, listen to them, attend to their need and you will know it all. You will know if your child is inclined to music or sport, why is he writing speed not improving, why is he so talkative in class, all your why’s will be answered if you look for the answers.

The danger of bringing in these reports into your home is ….its human to not look beyond them, you may have created barriers, you would end trusting it beyond your heart and mind…..our kids need open arms, open minds, open hearts….not these parameters and labels.

What is my stand on the product? How did I become so judgmental? 
The answer is : in my personal opinion of years of experience in seeing products designed for kids?

•             It had no testimonials.
•             It had images goggled out from the net.
•             It didn't share the names of people/psychologist or any team member of an educational caliber having contributed in the making of the product.
•             It used statistics with no reference of the source / or company that did the research.

Visit this website and read this article….how UNKNOWINGLY have we got infected with insecurities …and our generation can be only groomed with parents well aware of their OWN parenting styles.

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