Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy To Help!

The arrival of this gadget in 2012 has been a celebration. The kids at the school have been so happy using it. So many ideas to zoom on and so many interpretations of what they observed. This USB Microscope came at a super-expensive price from Kerala, only when i received it that i found that the it was available at a neat bargain of 40 $.

I used it in my classroom so it was mishandled too....but the excitement was uncontrollable, hence after approx 100 student hrs now the zoom button does not work at all. These art the few first ones the drosophila and the mosquito that were observed, and then kids and i went for an awesome journey under the microscopic world of living and non living things.

One day in the classroom I remember just rubbing my finger over the switch box and found a white clutter, i presumed it was the wallpaper with dust and nothing more, but yet gave it to kids to scan the dust cloud. We were superbly surprise to find a little termite wiggling on the white paper, if u know termites are white too, hence it was very well camouflaged....oh how the kids celebrated this find and we peered at it for over 20 mins! And one kid even exclaimed that..."the termite just pooped" i'm going to believe this as the microscope did give us a very good magnification. All in all, i am ready to buy my nxt one this Diwali and have begun to find my for importing this for myself and my many friends too! 

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