Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Walks to Sanjay Gandhi National Park

My Darling father took me for long walks during the vacations to SGNP every vacation mornings. He actually did go there everyday. Yes! Lucky me, we lived across this park. But as a child I clearly remember wondering "how come he doesn't get bored of walking the same mundane path, every morning". When I took those summer walk, I would have countless questions and he Din't Answer them EVER! "grr >:-( !"....but he did tell me something that I din't understand until a decade ago.....he said, "WALK QUIETLY, THE BIRDS WILL TELL YOU ALL THE ANSWER, HEAR THEM KEENLY" hooo :-| ! So the little restless me did give up those summer walk feeling dejected :-(

Life moved On....and 2  decades later I feel this strong urge to conserve nature, I found my guild and initiated load of project on environment education :o). Few yrs later I found myself travelling all around INDIA with a a new-found hobby of "Bird-watching". Maybe I am seeking those answers even today. But I have surely found my religion and its Nature. This discovery itself is immensely satisfying and empowering. Is there more to find.... i still wonder and i continue my walks now with my father and son.

The above shot was taken on my Son's 7th birthday. I take him to SGNP at every opportunity possible. He's super curious boy of mine, and do I answer his questions....NOPE!

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