Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Left Brain Stimulating FREE Android Apps for Kids

I am so very delighted to share this list of android applications that I have compiled for kids to doodle on the t-pad (in my case), and surely spending their time more constructively. Most of them have are logical and left brain stimulation. I am working on my list for Right Brain Stimulating and will be my pleasure to share the same with  you :)

There is so much value in handing over your child with technology devices, provided you choose to lead them, inviting you to give  it a try :). The list below is not to be misunderstood as rank order...please. Also install them when  kids are away (i do it post my child is fast asleep) I play the same before having given  to my child.....

3 Reasons why I suggest Parents play with the apps first is...
  1. Always introduce the game to your child with its protocols and control. Sit with your child and share the gist of what is the game expecting  of the player. And play a game/ level or two.
  2. Your intuitive sense is enhanced, as to what kind of apps does your child enjoy / not enjoy / needs a companion for.
  3. Lead your kids-  and for ever they will count on your leadership for Technology and its Tools, they are too young ( 6-12yrs) to be allowed to pave their own  paths with this subject.
 Music: I have loaded my tab with good instrumental music, hence all day the music runs in the background, definatley has a calming effect on the worked up logical mind

Religion: a prayer audio file is the first thing that is played when my child starts his dedicated hour with the pad

Math: Between me and my son ( just two of us now) we are maintaining a comparative score chart, we calculate the speed of performance / graduating level / difference between scores....

type the following applname in the google play store

A DOZEN ....Logic / Straegy Games

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