Friday, May 25, 2012

How do I dare to teach? Its my turn to learn!

                ----Rs 50 a dozen V/s Rs 500 a dozen------
Lychee is one of our favorite fruit, for the whole family. And it's arrived in the market at a steep price of Rs 50 per dozen. Today as Veer and I took our daily walk to the market, he wanted me to buy them and I obviously refused saying its too expensive we need to wait for the prices to come down. Pat comes another question....Is the price Rs 500/- a dozen? That's the price mangoes have come home this season. Now I new that this was going  to be a long conversation back and forth...

While I suggested,to Veer that he go the the stall and find out the price, the talkative me could immediately see...
1) a discussion on ...expensive with relative to size of the fruit
2) a discussion on .... expensive with relative to beginning of the season
3) a discussion on ...expensive with relative to monthly budget on fruits
and so on...thoughts started converging in my mind to the answers that i should provide for his question.

Veer said Rs 50 a dozen, that is Rs 25 for 6 and Rs 12.50 ps of 3 and appox 4 rs for 1, that's a lot of money. For that kind of price we get our 1 kg of grains grounded at the mill. This is super expensive! I was SUPER AMUSED and smiling :)))))!
Phew the number crunching had sorted it out for me and I was super happy to be spared of an elaborate "boring" conversation that I had weaved in my head. What I learned today is catch-up few breaths before you answer your child's question, surely you will be surprised that he/she is much more capable to work out the answer and in turn teach you a thing or too!


  1. Ha...ha.... good one! I have raised 2 daughters and I know that if your child has a question, he/she will have worked out at least 2 or more answers/solutions ... just hang in there without giving any clues, and presto! you'll have everything solved!
    MUM is the golden word, literally!

  2. Thank you Poonam for capturing those fleeting and oft forgotten moments of joy in our daily life.
    As a Husband, Dad and Doctor, I know now why God has given me 2 ears and only one mouth. Listening is so important...